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Whitby Real Estate

Whitby-Real-EstateWhitby Real Estate Market

The Town of Whitby is one community within the GTA that continues to have a thriving real estate market. Boasting a beautiful, natural harbor along Lake Ontario, Whitby attracts new and seasoned home buyers alike.  With a 2011 population of 122,022, the Whitby real estate market is one with many possibilities.

The Town of Whitby was named after the seaport town of Whitby, England in 1792 and was incorporated in 1855.  During World War II, the Town of Whitby was the home to Camp X, a secret spy training camp.  Today, the Town of Whitby is the government seat of the Durham Region and is the home to Canada’s famousWhitby_Real_Estate Trafalgar Castle School. This private girls boarding school founded in 1874 is a home to an Elizabethan-style castle built in 1859 for the Sheriff of Ontario. The major employer for the Town of Whitby (and for much much of Durham Region) is General Motors of Canada.

The Whitby real estate market has seen an increased trend in the overall home resulting from the town of Whitby being a seller’s market.  With the average home selling price up almost 5% (2013) from the same time last year, Whitby home sales continue to increase and new buyers continue to quickly find the home of their dreams. The Town of Whitby has an average selling price of $290,000, which is below the average home price of $540,000 in the Toronto area.

Demographics of Whitby

Real-Estate-WhitbyWhitby’s population has continued to see growth for many years.  However, according to the 2012 Canadian census, the growth is less substantial between 2006 and 2011 than in the previous 5 years. The Whitby real estate market saw over 9% population growth during that time, down from 27.2% population growth in 2006. Household growth continues as well with a 10.2% growth in the number of households in Whitby in 2011. Additionally, Whitby maintains the second largest share of households in the Durham region.

Minorities, including immigrants, make up 20% of the population base in Whitby with black (37%) and South Asian (21%) as the two largest minority groups represented. However, English continues to be the mother tongue of 83% of the Whitby’s population and 1.7% speak French.

Whitby_Real-EstateTransportation is largely dependent upon automobiles; therefore, Whitby’s proximity to Highway 401, the major east/west highway is an important factor.  Whitby’s proximity to major highways as well as railways, including convenient connections to US border crossing being not too far away, makes it an excellent location for commuters in the Durham Region.  Additionally, shipping ports are available along Lake Ontario making it accessible for commercial shipping.

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