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vaughan-real-estateVaughan Real Estate Market

Vaughan Real Estate market has been one of the hottest in GTA for 2 decades but most people who live in Canada think of Vaughan as a home to Canada’s Wonderland – Canada’s largest theme park. Vaughan is an established city located north of Toronto and west of Richmond Hill. It was the fastest growing city in all of Canada from 1996-2006. During this period the population in Vaughan increased over 80%, which is an astonishing number! Today, known as the ‘City Above Toronto’ it strives on its own success. From commercial and industrial developments, to tourism, shopping centres and its fundamentally strong Real Estate market the city of Vaughan is one of the more robust places in all of GTA. To top it off, currently there is an ongoing subway extension which will make its way to Highway 7 and allow for that much easier commute to downtown Toronto.

Vaughan-Real-EstateWonderland, being Canada’s first and to this date the largest amusement park, is actually the most visited seasonal amusement park in all of North America. In 2012, 3.66 million people visited  this place. Canada’s Wonderland has 16 roller coasters, which is the most of any park in the world outside of United States. Most tourists (especially those with kids) who visit Toronto during the summer months will end up making a trip to city of Vaughan to check out this park. As a token of advice from me, I would try to avoid the park on hot summer weekends. The park has proven to be so popular over the years that it draws massive crowds. If you want to avoid the traffic, go on a weekday on a less than perfect day (weather wise).

Vaughan-Real-EstateThose who live in Vaughan and area, know, that only a little more than a decade ago much of Wonderland was surrounded by farm lands. The times have changed fast, much of Wonderland is currently surrounded by residential homes/plazas and a relatively new mall, called Vaughan Mills. It opened in 2004, and is currently ranked 15th largest mall in Canada. The mall has over 200 retail stores, restaurants, & entertainment outlets.


City of Vaughan currently has around 300,000 residents, and to this date remains one of Canada’s fastest growing cities. The town was formed in 1850 with a population of approximately 5000 residents. In 1991 Vaughan-Real-EstateVaughan officially changed its name to City of Vaughan, and by then the population grew to over 113,000 people. Today, the population is estimated to be growing at an annual pace of 9%, which is well above the national averages. Demographics show that Vaughan is another multicultural city in the vicinity of GTA. English here is a native language for 45% of residents & Italian for 14%. That is followed by Russian and Spanish at 6.5% and 2.6% respectively. It is also estimated that around 17% of residents are of Jewish descent. Smaller percentage of residents (between 1-2%) includes Indian, Pakistani, Jamaican, Vietnamese and Chinese populations.

vaughan-real-estateIt is estimated that around 100,000 people immigrate to Toronto every year, and many of them end up in a place like city of Vaughan. Yes, Toronto’s downtown is easily accessible via nearby highways, GO Trains or via the upcoming Subway extension. However, city of Vaughan boasts a lot of opportunities for people looking to work in this city with many companies having its corporate offices located throughout. Residential market has been booming for years and continues to do so on this day. With its strong economy and rising population the future is bright for the ‘city above Toronto’ and the strong Vaughan Real Estate market is here to stay!

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