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Pickering Real Estate

Pickering-Real-Estate-MapPickering Real Estate

Pickering, Ontario, or “P-Town” as it’s called by its residents, has a persistently growing real estate market and continues to attract residents from around the world. The Pickering real estate market proves to be one of the higher performing markets in the GTA and one that many wish to call home.  As a Toronto bedroom community, and its continuously growing real estate market, makes Pickering appealing to singles as well as families interested in residing in the GTA.

Located to east of Toronto, Pickering was originally settled by British colonists in the 1700’s but did not see substantial growth until World War II. That is when it began to attract many immigrants, much like other parts of the GTA. Pickering also has a strong history of Indian settlement from the 1700’s including a pronounced presence of the Seneca Indians.


Pickering was established in 1811 as a township, in 1974 it became a town, and in 2000 a city.  In 2006, Pickering was recognized as one of the top 10 cities in Canada for business growth, which is due in part to the Pickering Nuclear Generating Station. As a largest single employer in the city it produces 15-20% of Ontario’s power.  Pickering was also indicated as having the most jobs among Durham Region municipalities in 2013.

The Durham region has continued to see an increase in the number of listings with a steady progression of sales, which makes the Durham market, specifically Pickering, appealing to all potential buyers. The selling prices are continuing to climb, indicating a positive change in the real estate market, with quality homes selling quickly in the Pickering real estate market.

Demographics of Pickering

Pickering-Real -Estate-OverviewWith a population of approximately 88,721, according to the 2011 Canadian Census, Pickering’s growth has decreased but only due to issues of land development restrictions.  Pickering saw the majority of its growth in the late 1990s when its population increased by over 20%. According to the 2011 Canadian Census, the average household income in Pickering is $85,994 which is higher than Ontario’s average of $69.156.

Real-Estate-PickeringImmigrants have a deep heritage in Pickering, Ontario.  Today, the mother tongue of Pickering is English with over 79% speaking English and only 19% speaking French, leaving a very small percentage of less than 2% speaking anything but English and French.  Pickering today has approximately 30% of its population being immigrants with blacks (35%) and South Asians (31%) making up the most represented groups.  With its ease of access to Toronto’s downtown, beach front accessibility, positive job growth, and appealing Pickering real estate market, it is no wonder that Pickering continues to attract buyers from all over the GTA.

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